Artist Profiles/Anderson Ranch

” The Anderson Ranch Artists’ Residency Program is designed to encourage the creative, intellectual, and personal growth of emerging and established visual artists. While in residence, all share in an established community of interaction, conceptional development and intense production of work.”           – Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Below are profiles on some of the Ranch’s current residents.


NAME: Bari Ziperstein                MEDIUM: Sculpture                   FROM: Los Angeles, California

INSPIRATION: Reassembling everyday functional objects/ site specific


NAME: Erin Curtis                MEDIUM: Painting                  FROM: Austin, Texas

INSPIRATION: Intersection of decoration & architecture/ photos of new Chinese urban developments 


NAME: Simon Van Der Ven                MEDIUM: Ceramics                   FROM: Lincolnville, Maine

INSPIRATION: Working environment/ everyday activities (cooking, drawing, being a father)/ “work always comes from work”


NAME: Yuri Kobayashi             MEDIUM: Wood/Furniture                   FROM: Japan

INSPIRATION: Combining weaving & bending techniques


NAME: José Carlos Casado            MEDIUM: Photo/Digital            FROM: Málaga, Spain

INSPIRATION: Displacement/ how technology effects our body & the way we see our body


NAME: Ellie Richards           MEDIUM: Wood/Furniture             FROM: Tempe, Arizona

INSPIRATION: Representing everyday objects/ Shaker inspired furniture forms


NAME: Paul Anthony Smith           MEDIUM: Ceramics            FROM: Port Antonio, Jamaica

INSPIRATION: Black middle class working males/ understanding himself through his current project


NAME: Julie Moon            MEDIUM: Ceramics                FROM: Toronto, Ontario. Canada

INSPIRATION: 17th century European porcelain/ ornate, over-the-top, decorative morphous forms & figures


NAME: Ani Volkan                     MEDIUM: Printmaking                           FROM: Asheville, North Carolina

INSPIRATION: Connection to personal family history/ reclaiming past/ weaving personal history and folktales


NAME: Kurosh Valanejad                MEDIUM: Photo/Digital             FROM: Iran

INSPIRATION: Persian miniatures/Mohammad Mosaddeq & the 1953 CIA lead coup in Iran


NAME: Amy Kennedy              MEDIUM: Ceramics                  FROM: Melbourne, Australia

INSPIRATION: Layered forms and structure in nature/ capturing movement and fragility


NAME: Evelyn Donnelly            MEDIUM: Painting                FROM: Seattle, Washington

INSPIRATION: 60’s & 70’s activism/ peaceful protest/ people connecting through alternative lifestyles

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